Adult, sex unknown
Place of tagging: Golfo Nuevo
Date of tagging: Sep. 11, 2022
Transmission stopped: Jun. 21, 2023

Photo: Paula Faiferman

Amazonita´s tracking route

After traveling within Golfo Nuevo for 23 days, Amazonita’s satellite device stopped transmitting while near the city of Puerto Madryn. Two weeks later this solitary individual’s device resumed regular transmissions when he was over the continental slope off the mouth of the Rio de La Plata. After spending 3 months in this area, at the beginning of February 2023, Amazonita began traveling south, following the ridge of the continental slope, with a few short excursions into the continental shelf. Before the end of February, Amazonita’s device again stopped transmissions for 15 days, and then resumed when he was off the city of Rio Gallegos in the Province of Santa Cruz. Over the following 3 months and until the transmitter lost battery power, Amazonita remained between the continent and the Islas Malvinas (Falkland Islands), possibly feeding.

Amazonita was the whale which was tracked longest this season (283 days) with a distance traveled of 18,556 kilometers (11,530 miles).