Female with calf
Place of tagging: Golfo Nuevo
Date of tagging: Sep. 3, 2022
Transmission stopped: Nov. 8, 2022

Photo: Paula Faiferman

Rodocrosita´s tracking route

During the 34 days we tracked Rodocrosita and her calf in Golfo Nuevo, they remained coastal and travelled along the northwest shore of the gulf, visiting Puerto Madryn, El Doradillo, Puerto Pirámides and Punta Alt. They departed on their migratory journey on October 8 and moved almost in a straight line until they crossed the continental slope only 4 days later. Rodocrosita headed north a week after arriving in this feeding area, and remained in the deep waters. We lost contact with Rodocrosita 65 days after tag deployment when she was in the ocean basin, a little north of the latitude of Península Valdés. Distance traveled: over 3,800 km (about 2,400 miles).