Female with calf
Place of tagging: Golfo Nuevo
Date of tagging: Sep. 2, 2022
Transmission stopped: May 25, 2023

Photo: Paula Faiferman

Agata´s tracking route

After remaining 97 days in Golfo Nuevo, Agata and her calf left the gulf, then traveled southwards along the coast of Chubut. Once past Cabo Raso, north of Golfo San Jorge, they moved further offshore and continued south over the continental shelf. For 5 months they explored the region between the continent and the Islas Malvinas (Falkland Islands), pausing for periods in productive patches over the central section of the shelf, on which Agata was probably feeding. Agata’s satellite device stopped transmissions on May 25, 2023, after providing information over 263 days, during which time she traveled 12,340 kilometers (7,668 miles). When her transmitters’ battery expired, Agata was close to Puerto Deseado and moving northwards.