Female with calf
Place of tagging: Golfo Nuevo
Date of tagging: Sep. 4, 2022
Transmission stopped: Mar. 28, 2023

Photo: Paula Faiferman

Turmalina´s tracking route

After remaining in Golfo Nuevo for a month, Turmalina and her calf traveled north, following the coastlines of Peninsula Valdés and Golfo San Matias until she reached the mouth of the Rio Negro. From there she traveled eastwards over the continental shelf, where she entered the deep ocean basin of the South Atlantic Ocean. Traveling southwards for two months in a meandering pattern, her satellite device stopped transmissions on December 22, 2022. Twenty days later her device resumed transmissions when she was slowly traveling northwards. She then remained over the continental shelf, close to the continental slope off Golfo San Matias for two more months, until her satellite device´s battery expired on March 28. We tracked Turmalina for 205 days during which she traveled 11,531 kilometers (7,165 miles).