Female with calf
Date of tagging: Sep. 28, 2021
Transmission stopped: Jun. 3, 2022

Photo: Paula Faiferman

Electra´s tracking route

Within the Valdes population, Electra’s full circle trip was the first record of a complete migration for a mother-calf pair.

Tagged at the end of September 2021, Electra and her calf left the waters of Peninsula Valdes on November 6 and traveled directly southeastwards until they crossed the continental slope at the southern limit of the Golfo San Jorge. Once in the ocean basin they slowed down and made some large loops. They then traveled northwards, entering the continental shelf at latitude 43.5°S.

From that time on Electra remained feeding in the highly productive area of the Blue Hole, on the eastern border of the continental shelf off the coast of Chubut and northern Santa Cruz provinces. Electra returned to Península Valdés on the third week of May 2022, this time to Golfo San José.

Contact with Electra was lost after 248 days, over which she traveled 18,368 kilometers (11,413 miles). The follow-up team sighted Electra and her calf on June 5, 2022, close to the Faro de Punta Tehuelche (Punta Tehuelche Lighthouse). Both mother and calf were in perfect condition and were photographed to record the event.