Female with calf
Place of tagging: Golfo Nuevo
Date of tagging: Oct. 25, 2023
Transmission stopped: Jan. 16, 2024


Gaia´s tracking route

  • Gaia’s transmitter stopped sending signals on January 16, after 83 days of transmissions during which she traveled 4,341 kilometers (2,697 miles). When contact was lost this mother with calf was feeding over the continental shelf, near where Calliope is now.

  • Since January 16, we have received no further information from Gaia’s device. At that time, she was in the same area she was in on our last update, about 250 kilometers (155 miles) from the mouth of Golfo Nuevo, over the mid-continental shelf.

  • Soon after leaving Golfo Nuevo, on December 7 2023, Gaia discovered a productive patch over the mid-continental shelf off the coast of Chubut, about 250 kilometers (155 miles) from the mouth of the gulf. For almost a month now the mother-calf pair have continued exploring the same area.

  • Gaia, a mother with calf, was tagged near La Adela, west of Punta Pirámides. Mother and calf traveled around the northern and western coastal waters of Golfo Nuevo. On November 3, transmissions from her tag ceased and after a lapse of 24 days transmissions were restored. They left the Golfo Nuevo very close to Punta Ninfas (southern tip of the mouth) towards open waters, and now they are crossing the continental shelf in a southeast direction.