Date of tagging: Sep. 23, 2019
Transmission stopped: Oct. 6, 2019

Photo: R. Soley

Robustito’s 12 day tracking route (901 km)

White circle indicates last position received.

September 23 – October 06, 2019

A robust young whale, whose transmitter sent data between September 23 and October 6. In those two weeks Robustito explored Golfo Nuevo, then left the gulf and headed south swimming close to the coast. His last transmission was from the latitude of Isla Escondida, between Rawson and Punta Tombo.

The color of the dots follow a time sequence where the green dots represent the first locations in this period and the red dots the most recent locations, progressing through yellow and orange. The last position, indicated by a red dot with a white border, shows the geographic coordinates and time of reception of the transmission.