Female with calf
Date of tagging: Sep. 14, 2019
Transmission stopped: Oct. 15, 2019

Photo: N. Lewin

Rintone’s 30 day tracking route (1,867 km)

White circle indicates last position received.

September 14 – October 15, 2019

Rintone, an adult female with a small calf, swam back and forth in the northern zone of Golfo Nuevo between Puerto Pirámides and Puerto Madryn, at least four times in one month. On October 15 her transmitter stopped transmitting. These transmitting devices have an identification number (194586 in this case) but the scientists also give each whale a name when its transmitter is attached. Sometimes these names refer to a characteristic of the specific individual, sometimes they refer to the mood at the moment of attachment, as in this case.

The color of the dots follow a time sequence where the green dots represent the first locations in this period and the red dots the most recent locations, progressing through yellow and orange. The last position, indicated by a red dot with a white border, shows the geographic coordinates and time of reception of the transmission.