Season 2019-20

Southern Right Whales. Use of the SW Atlantic Ocean

Complete routes traveled by the 23 right whales fitted with satellite transmitters during September 2019, in Golfo Nuevo, Peninsula Valdés. Each color shows the movements recorded for a specific individual. According to the duration of transmission, whale travels ranged from a few weeks (Robustito: 13 days) to several months (Afuerita: 211 days) and from hundreds of kilometers (Campeona: 432 km) to thousands of kilometers (Fiesta: 19,924 km).

The following maps highlight the importance of the entire Argentine Sea, the Southwest Atlantic Ocean, and the sub-Antarctic waters for the southern right whales.

Use of the Golfo Nuevo

Golfo Nuevo is a critically important habitat for southern right whales during the breeding season, between May and December. During the season the whales move from west to east. As the routes recorded in 2019 show, the northern half of the gulf is the most densely traveled. Mothers and their newborn calves prefer the coastal areas near gently sloping beaches, while adults and juveniles use the deeper waters.