Photo: Matias Arenas

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Weekly Summary

Information updated to: November 30, 2021

Two months into the season we continue tracking four whales, three mothers with calves born this year and one solitary individual, all equipped with long duration transmitters.

At present only Centaura and her calf remain within Golfo Nuevo, close to Puerto Pirámides, where they have been seen frequently this past week. Centaura was often feeding. The other two mothers with calves, Electra and Amalthea, are close to each other in feeding areas off the continental slope at the latitude of Golfo San Jorge. Orion, the solitary individual, remains in the same area as last week, on the continental shelf.

This past week we lost contact with Antares, a mother with calf, after tracking her for 61 days.

Important information about satellite tracking

– Animal welfare: The devices do not affect the health nor the behavior of the animals, two fundamental conditions of our research.
– Positions recorded: Positions have a margin of error of 200 to 2000 meters (which is the reason some tracks that are close to shore seem to be on dry land).
– Duration: The devices stop sending data when they become detached, which can occur weeks or months after their deployment, or when their batteries run out, depending on various factors, but mainly on the type of tag used. In 2021, we deployed 12 short-term and 6 long-term devices.